Blocker Outdoors Canada - Garment Care


Follow these steps to make yourself, your garments, and your gear as effective as possible.

Reducing External Odor
  • Shower with Blocker Outdoors Soap – liquid or bar
  • Wash hair with Blocker Outdoors Shampoo w/Conditioner
  • Apply Hair & Body Deodorant to entire body, especially high sweat areas
  • Apply Blocker Outdoors Underarm Antiperspirant/Deodorant
Clothing Preparation(non-Trinity)
  • Wash all clothing, including under & outerwear, socks, etc in unscented Clothes Wash
  • Let dry and store in air-tight container
Clothing Preparation(Trinity)
  • Wash by hand in cold water with Trinity Laundry Detergent
  • Let dry, then regenerate in dryer
  • Store in airtight storage
Equipment Preparation
  • Spray bow, especially the grip, your release, treestands, packs, belts, etc with Trinity Spray

General Garment Care

Wash in cold water. Hand wash is preferred, or a very gentle cycle on your washing machine. Use only approved detergent such as Trinity Laundry Detergent or Blocker Outdoors Clothes Wash. This will help remove odors and oils from the outer and liner fabrics. Air dry the garment and immediately place in airtight storage.

Reactivate the Tech

Reactivate for 30-40 minutes in your dryer. Medium heat for non-waterproof items, low heat for items with a waterproof membrane. Repeat regeneration process every 20-30 hours of actual use. Store in an air-tight container. Help control scent from entering your garment when you’re not hunting to prevent it from adsorbing odors. Wash again, following the process above, only if garment becomes soiled, i.e., mud or blood. If a small area becomes soiled, simply spot wash with a damp cloth.