Blocker Outdoors Canada - FAQ

Q: “Do antimicrobial garments also eliminate odor?”

A: In short, no. They do almost nothing to eliminate, trap, adsorb, or neutralize odors. They can only help to control odor by helping to reduce their formation in the first place. What they are really intended to do is protect the fabric itself by reducing bacteria that causes odors to grow in the fabric. This is exactly how our S3® technology works.

Q: “How do I take care of my garments?”

A: Please refer to our garment care section of the website to learn how to properly take care of your garments.

Q: “What suit is better than another for certain areas”

A: Blocker Outdoors develops garments for hunters to be utilized throughout the hunting seasons. We have strategically designed garments with RainBlocker technology for 100% waterproof concealment, XLT for the warm temperatures and different fleeces for the colder months of the year. These Items can all be seen in depth under the System Layers section of the shopping area.

Q: “What is the temperature rating of your clothing?”

A: Our clothing does not contain a temperature rating system. We design our garments to be utilized throughout the year in different weather situations. ScentBlocker® has designed a layering system to help hunters ensure they are wearing the proper clothing to stay warm or keep cool and reduce their human odor at the same time. By proper utilizing two or more layers you can control your body’s temperature and either add or remove layers based on your temperature.